Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why doesn't the world care about dying Christians?

            As I was looking for music for our Sunday worship service I came across a very vivid youtube video.  It was so graphic and heartbreaking it would not be appropriate for a worship service.  But it is very important for Christians to watch as we perceive where God wants us to go to stop the insanity of our times.  If you have a strong stomach here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbU1yutceTU.

            We are living in very bad times and I don't use the term "BAD" lightly.  The devil is very active doing his worst at tempting humanity to forswear God and to persecute and kill those who won't.  In the West so far the persecution is a chipping away of our Christian history and culture and restricting us more and more.  In other parts of the world Christians are losing their health, their property, their children and their lives.  It is horribly evil and it is tragically hidden from us by the media around us.  We hear isolated stories of people getting their heads chopped off and buildings blown up and a bomb set off in a crowd.  But this is just the little tip of what is going on.  There is a huge holocaust going on that is greater than the holocaust Hitler inspired in terms of numbers.  As far as the goal - it is the same - to wipe out the true worship of God and to impose another worship on us.

            As far as American Christians are concerned we are overwhelmed by the exodus from our local churches as Satan inspires other kinds of "recreation".  If you have been away from TV for awhile and you change channels off of Sports channel you should be shocked at what you see and hear.  Profanity is commonplace, sexuality is perverted and vividly displayed, story lines of comedies are in very bad taste and it seems Americans have an addiction to "Crime porn" - that is the titillating stories of criminals, autopsies, and what is called "trailer trash" which I take to mean low class insanity as opposed to high class insanity.   Even country music has gone dirty.  The church is so overwhelmed by Christian rejection in our own culture we don't have time to care about the much worse Christian rejection and martyrdoms in other cultures.

            In a way it is our fault.  Our culture has turned rotten, as rotten as the Roman Empire was that led to its fall.  Muslims look at us and object to our freedom to fornicate and live like the devil and to promote our rotten culture through the media in their lands.   And I for one would be very happy if we stopped exporting the rottenness and let them be but it is too late for that.  Their "CURE" and response is even more evil than the sickness they want to treat.
            How can Christians make a difference in the world today?   When I was in Sweden visiting the Child Evangelism director he said that the biggest obstacle that Christians have in dealing with problems in the world today is the fact that we are so divided.  Denominational-ism is necessary for purity but it isn't necessary to keep us apart when dealing with essentials.  We are weak because we are so separatist.  Liberalism has seen to it that churches are dividing and growing smaller and less relevant.  But there have been efforts in the past, such as "MORAL MAJORITY" which sought to bring Christians together.  There is the para-church movement which sought to unite Christians together for causes but in many cases it has no roots and goes off course.

         What we need today is much greater than those things.  We need something Holy Spirit inspired like the great revivals of the past.    Let's join with those who are praying for that.  Christian leaders of our day are silent about this holocaust.  Maybe we need better leaders who are God inspired to lead all Christians together to pray "THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN".

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Interstellar MOVIE

Happy Belated Thanksgiving (I'm thankful if anyone reads this)
            One son was home for turkey and thanks and the other is in France.   When sons come home they want to see movies.   We saw two.  One was so interesting I thought I would review it for you because it confused me.  If you have seen it let me know if my thoughts are the same as yours.
            The first movie we saw was Interstellar.   It was a 3 hour ride that made your body and mind spin.  The time went by very quickly which is good for a movie.  You felt sucked in which is also a good sign.  The premise and plot were interesting which is another good thing.   BUT it reflected the thoughts and impressions of the age we live in which is a very bad thing.
          The movie started off grey/brown with interviews from 1930's Dust Bowl survivors.  Then it went to the "future" where the same thing is happening.  A former astronaut turned farmer was seen in his old farmhouse surrounded with sick corn and burning corn (from blight).   The message - GLOBAL WARMING has done us in, the air is so sick the world can't produce enough food.  But that is OK because terrible viruses have killed most of the inhabitants of the world and the future wasn't good for anyone else.   You get the impression that we were being punished for our environmental sins.
        The house was covered in dust, the furniture very depression looking and windows boarded up because of the huge dust storms that raged outside.  Things were bad and getting worse.  The family was seated around a board table eating humble cooking.  The family consisted of grandpa, son (the astronaut/farmer) and his son and daughter.  The 12 year old girl was very attached to her father.  She would hide in his truck when he went places and tease and joke around with him.  His young son was also loving.   The man's wife and probably the grandma died from the viruses (probably).  They were keeping things together like a traditional old time family (which was nice).  There was love all around in desperate times.
      But the girl's room was haunted but some "higher power" who was sending the girl messages by Morse code.  It gave coordinates and told the father to go there.  He heads off at night with the girl hiding in his truck.  They arrive at some old missile sight and are arrested.  It turns out this is what is left of NASA and they want to know how he found them (they were lying to the American Public because they would object to spending tight cash - echos of OBAMA).
     Turns out that this astronaut/farmer was once their best pilot and they had this space ship which he was supposed to go into outer space before all the earth tragedies hit.  They also show him this huge space station that is supposed to save the world.  They said earth is dying and our only chance of survival was to go through a black hole into another galaxy where there were three planets they might survive on. FORMER MISSIONS HAD SENT BACK MESSAGES.    The tell the dad that if he flies this ship it would at least be years before he came home and he probably would never come home.
       The father says he couldn't do it because his children needed him and his family came first.  The head guy at NASA said that the earth was dying and if he didn't go everyone would die.  So he goes home and says goodbye to his family.  Because of the time shifting in outer space he tells his daughter that he would return when she was his age and he would be the same.  His daughter had tremendous hissy fits and didn't want him to go naturally.  Then her love turned to resentment for abandoning them and hatred that he would leave them.  His son is more understanding (actually he seemed like a "Dull Spud").
       The take off and space travel were fascinating and NOISY.  He was on the ship with a cute astronautette and a white and black guy (so everyone was equal of course) and a strangely human robot that looked like two legos connected together.  Rather than tell you all the movie, I'll just let you know they go through the black hole and time and matter changes.  They arrive at the first planet and it was uninhabitable - it was just a huge ocean with tremendously huge waves.  They get out of there but the white guy dies (which is seen as OK because now he has a better chance with the cute astronaut).  Then they go to the second planet and find only the leader of the team survives and he said that down on the actual planet people could survive.  The hero says he has to go back to earth because he promised his daughter he would. (he saw his son and daughter grow up on TV, with daughter saying "HATE YA DAD".   The planet guy says he will show him the planet before he goes.  It turns out this guy was a lousy, murderous lier and said he only sent the message so they would rescue him.  Then he tries to kill dad.  He doesn't succeed, his whole base is blown up and they go to examine the third planet.  But dad goes back to earth with the message and the girl goes on with thousands of fertilized human eggs to go start humanity again.
       Dad doesn't make it.  His ship blows up, he is floating in space and goes through the black hole.  He is waiting for his air to run out and die when he finds himself inside the walls of his farmhouse and he realizes HE IS THE HIGHER POWER who is transmitting data by Morse Code to his daughter.  He gives her the solution to the gravity problem so the huge space station can take off with earth's remains.  Much later he floats up to this new colony and finds himself on this utopia space ship.  He finds out that he has saved humanity and even that his 100 year old daughter is still living but on her death bed.  So he goes to see her.  NOW THIS IS THE POINT I DON'T UNDERSTAND.  He makes a promise he would come back to his little princess and he sees her at 100 years old dying.  She is overjoyed but after a minute she tells him "Dad, you can go now, I have my own family and they will take care of me, you go back to that third planet and marry your space queen!"   He comes all the way back and she buzzes him off after one minute!!!!  Doesn't make sense to me.
       But what does make sense is the film is polluted with humanism,  audacity, and while it admits to the sinfulness of humanity it also glorifies humanity as god.   They start off following the guidance of the HIGHER BEING, GOD, and find out at the end that they are their own gods, there is no one higher than them (in all their sinful, selfish glory) and that is the only hope of humanity.   I WAS REALLY BUMMED OUT WHAT A WAY TO END A FILM.  What horrible gods we make!  If you have seen this film let me know if that is what you got out of it.  
     If you didn't see this film, I just saved you $8.50 admission to the matinee.  You can leave your donation at the door.

PS:  The other film was Hero6.  It was a cute children's film.  My son would have liked it if he was still 9 years old.  He said it was contrived and predictable.  I thought it was actually nice and it did jerk your heart strings a lot.  I even got him to give me one of those big balloon hugs, like we saw in the movie before he left for West Chester.  This movie also reflected the strangeness and ungodliness of this age but we are all good to forgive, because it is Walt Disney, after all (finger in mouth)!!  I guess I'll just stay home and watch Turner Classic Movies until Christmas and hope better movies come out when my boys come home.

Monday, August 25, 2014

History in Perspective

I have visited the Reformation from the top to the bottom.  Sweden is the northernmost country of the Reformation.  Spain is the southernmost.  On the way we flew over the French Alps and they were beautiful and covered with snow but I didn't get much about the Reformation from that.  As I gazed over the great plains of Mercia I imagined the great battles between Christians and Moors that took place in the 15th century.  It reminded me of the coming Armageddon.

It is amazing how you can better grasp history by actually being in these places and touching the graves of the Reformers and standing on historical spots where great things happened.

The 1500s were a time of tremendous upheaval in the Church.  More than any other time in history this was when Christianity prepared to touch the whole world in Christ.  Western Civilization was formed on the Reformation and the Counter Reformation.

At the time Columbus and other explorers were headed around the world to claim the world for Christ (check it out and see the purpose of the explorations).  I could understand why Columbus would like to escape from the heat of  sunny Spain but the Caribbean isn't much better.  From Spain to Sweden there was a great emergence of Christian triumphalism.  From the Spanish cities to Swedish cities I saw it was a tremendous and sudden time of  increase in wealth.  These churches and cities, which still remain to this day, proclaim the centrality of Christ.  In Sweden you can hardly go anywhere without seeing grand buildings dedicated to Christ's glory.  In Spain there are Christian statues and plaques and crosses everywhere you go.  In Sweden  I spoke with a City planning expert and he complained that even to this day the law is that no building shall be built higher than the nearest church.   In both Spain and Sweden bells still call people to prayer.

One thing that stands out about this time is the emergence of powerful, great Christian leaders in government who worked with the church to insure the people under their realm worshiped and served THE SAME GOD.  I don't know if Spain is as Catholic as it was then (I saw evangelical billboards on the main highways) but it is hard to find anything but Lutheran churches in Sweden.  In fact you did not join the Lutheran church, you automatically were a member unless you openly proclaimed you wanted out.

The 16th century was a time the Holy Roman Empire broke into nation states, each with their own churches.  It was a great blow to the authority of one Catholic Church and the authority of the Pope.  Yet as Northern Europe was lost, the Roman Church made great gains in the new world.  They stole their gold and taught the conquered people the Hail Mary.  And from Britain great crowds of Christians who were unsatisfied with the Church of England left to begin a New England with puritan zeal.

Today I spoke with the captain of a ship who knew a lot about the history of the Swedish Church all the way from St. Ansgar (who brought Christianity to Sweden in the 800s to the Peterson brothers, Olaf and his brother Laurent who in 1520 translated the Bible into Swedish and began public education in Sweden (why? to teach them how to be better followers of Christ).  This captain proudly told me that Sweden was the most nonreligious country in the world today.  I told him he was wrong, religion is only living out what you believe so Sweden is as religious as any other country.  We all have our religion.  In fact that is the problem with today, there are so many choices they cannot all be right. Too many choices does not guarantee wise or true choices.   In fact Jesus Christ proclaims there is only one true way, truth and life and nobody goes to the Father but by Him.

Alfonso the Wise and Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain knew this, Gustav Vasa, King of Sweden knew this.  They had the power, authority and motivation to insist their subjects followed Christ as one nation.  Today we have so many choices that most people make no choice at all but go with the flow, even if that flow is a sewer leading to hell.  During the 15th century Christians disagreed on the authority of the Pope, the bible, tradition and sacraments.  But even through all the mess and corruption and heresy and untidiness of the 1500s we are still living in the golden glow of what these wise leaders did.

That ship's captain asked me who I thought who was best to lead America in the coming years.  I said "I know of no one who is any good."  We don't have Alfonso's and Isabella's and Vasa's among us today.  But maybe God is raising another batch of Christian leaders in our children today.   May it be so Lord.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spain reconquered for Christ

      I am back in Sweden after a week in Southern Spain.  It was very, very hot and sunny in Spain and in Stockholm there is a bit of a nip in the air. It is strange to go from struggling in Spanish to struggling in Swedish.
     My friends have taken me on a practically non stop car run around Southern Spain.   Yesterday I was in Lorca.  This area was one of the last reconquered for Christianity.    It seems that Spain from the 8th to the 16th Century was facing what we are facing today.  A militant Islam was determined to conquer the world and almost succeeded in Spain.  It took nearly 600 years to stop Islam and reconquer Spain for Christ.
        I could not believe how beautiful Lorca is.   It is surrounded by mountains and castles and Ancient Roman and Carthaginian towns.  I saw so many ancient buildings and Roman forums and beautiful city walls.  To get there from Mercia we had to cross a big mountain.  The roads were double way and not yet as wide as one lane in America.  So if you met anyone coming the other way you were in a pickle.  There were no guard rails and you could look straight down to your doom if you were not careful.  From bare volcanic lands as we arose in the mountains the landscape became all a strange kind of pine tree.  They smelled beautiful.   We got lost and as my friends were trying to figure the way I stood there with a huge vista seeing out into the Mediterranean sea it was dazzling as I thought "This is where Jonah was headed, this was where Paul the Apostle preached, this was where so much of early Christianity took place."  We passed a very old boarding college that was in ruins and ancient houses that were also in ruins.   And in the higher elevation the air was cool and the wind through the pine trees sang the most beautiful melodies.  I wanted to stay up there but my friends were hungry for lunch.  As we headed down we saw the most beautiful huge lake that was so turquoise we longed to swim in it.
     We arrived in Lorca and it was like stepping back in time.  Actually times, there was the Carthage time, the Roman time, the Christian time, the Moorish time and the reChristian time.  Two years ago there was a big earthquake and many of the beautiful old baroque buildings were damaged.  A huge old church lost its steeple.  One very ancient church had the roof cave in.  They were still trying to restore the buildings.  We drove up another mountain to the Castle of King Alfonso el Sabio.  He was a great Spanish king of the 12th century who had a great Christian influence.  He set up laws which helped the farmers and wrote hymns for the church.   His castle sticking out in glowing rock from the top of the mountain was awe inspiring.  We parked and went into the castle but a girl greeted us saying we had to pay 16 Euros each to get into the castle and enclosed ancient town.  My friends thought that they should pay them for enduring a history lesson and declined.  So we walked around the walls till we came to a 4 star hotel and went inside.  The air was perfumed and it had a very fancy rest room.  From there we got up on the walls and it was astonishing to think that I was standing where King Alfonso el Sabio stood.
        Going down into the city of Baroque Lorca was horrendous.  The city had streets that you almost could put your hand and foot out and touch both sides as buildings were built so close together.  We stopped at a very ancient church building that had the stone roof caved in from the earthquake.  I wanted to go in and see the inside but it didn't look like a wise idea.  I closed my eyes continuing on those streets thinking we were going to hit a car or a house but we didn't.  We saw many beautiful baroque buildings and churches with statues everywhere and as I said many were cracked and missing pieces and had nets around them to keep them from falling a part.  I saw one huge closed cathedral with a statue of St. Patricio greeting people outside.  This is the same St. Patrick that took Christianity to Ireland.
     Lorca during the middle ages was a very dangerous place to be as it was right in between the Christian Murcia and the Moslem Kingdom of Granada.  No wonder there were so many forts and castles, the Moors wanted what Al Queda wants today - for Christians to convert or die.  It took until 1450 for Christianity to reconquer the rest of Spain and then King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella supported Columbus' sailing to the new world.
    What a joy it was to be there even with a huge headache from the hot sun.  To actually stand where these earth shaking events took place.  I saw the plains where great wars between Christianity and Islam took place.  I could almost understand why after all that tension and fighting the Catholics ordered a cleansing of Spain for Christ.   I saw so many beautiful churches and towers and heard their bells proclaiming the time to pray.  Of course when humans try to do God's work we always mess up.  I couldn't get over how all these churches are dedicated to Maria and her statues are everywhere.  But on top of many hills are simple but huge crosses that proclaim that Spain belongs to Jesus Christ.   And I look forward to that day of Romans 14 when" It is written: "'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'" and Romans 2 "that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth".  I live for that day.
     Well, I never expected to go to Spain but I did and I saw a whole lot of it.  The Mediterranean sea was so crystal clear and warm we went to many beaches to swim and it was a pleasure to look out across it and imagine seeing the first Christians arrive and preach.  I wondered if it was that hot and sunny in Israel in those days but can imagine it was since Peter took a good Spanish siesta on the roof of a house before being sent to Cornelius and making the first Gentile converts.  
     Now I have to shift gears and get back to the Reformation in Sweden.  I will be headed up to Uppsala where the same time Christians struggled to reconquer Spain the Swedish Christians were struggling to reform the corruptions of the medieval church.   I will see the huge Viking graveyard of old Swedish paganism being overshadowed by the cross of Christ.  That shadow has grown thin today but great things will be happening as Christ works here

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Christianity in Spain and an example for Americans

The Inquisition
I am sitting on the balcony of my friend’s amazingly beautiful condo in Alecante, Spain.   The weather is wonderful, sunny, in the 70s.  I am looking out at a big lake, some more condos and from one side is the Mediterranean sea, on the other you can see far off the city of Valencia and then the mountains.  Alecante is a good place to be on my study leave.  It is an ancient city 4000 years old.   In the bible this place is called Tarshish.  Jonah was fleeing here when God told him to go and preach the Gospel to Nineveh.  In the AD time this was a Christian city, then the Moslems Arabs came and then Ferdinand and Isabella won this city back for Christianity.  To ensure that it would stay Christian they drove out anyone they had any doubts was a Christian.  The Moslems went, the Jews were forced to leave, and the Protestants which many of them still call “The Heretics” were forced to leave.   Those who tried to stay behind were tortured and killed.  Yesterday night at 10 and 11 pm we were walking around town and a huge festival was going on for Nuestra Dama de la Luz “Our Lady of the Light”  It was wonderful seeing hundreds and hundreds of Spaniards eating, playing , talking.  They were very gay.   But this area is not happy.  Spain has a 50% unemployment rate especially among young adults just starting.  They are very happy to have the Swedes, the Brits and the Germans here to serve.  The beaches are amazing, the water is clean and warm and it is a wonderful place to be.
        I read that when the Inquisition was finished and Alecante was purely Catholic the place fell apart.  All the skilled people, the merchants, the jewelers, the employers were gone.   It fell into a slump that is still being felt today.  Outside the foreign areas it looks like Mexico, broken buildings, burned ground, trash, graphiti.  I am sure those festival goers, if they prayed at all, prayed for happier times here among the faithful to “Our Lady of the Light”.
      I have often wondered how it would be if Christians in America were in control and forced those around us to confess the faith or leave.  The Puritans did this in New England.  Pennsylvania became a haven for what were called “Dissenters” those who disagreed with Puritan doctrine.  William Penn, the Quaker, welcomed them in. 
      Today the Moslem fanatics are going further than the Inquisition did.  Not only do they want you to be like them or flee or die, they want to do this to the world.  It is submit to our god on our terms or you are dead.  The hypocrisy of being better than thou, of persecution, of murder, of theft and a thousand other sins against god that they are doing is ignored.
      God only ordained one inquisition.  He told Joshua to take the land for the children of Israel. It was strict, no plundering, benefiting on their sorrow, just judgment that the Holy Land belonged to the people God had made a promise to in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There was never another time this was permitted.  God wants us to live among unbelievers and provide an example,  God wanted His children to live, work, talk and love unbelievers in the hope they are prodigals whose hearts of stone would be touched by the love of God and turned into living flesh.  We are not to gloat, persecute or cast out.   We are to love, teach and reach in their company for the truth.
     How do we do this?  In Alecante they have huge paintings of Our Lady of the Light everywhere in the Fiesta.  But I didn’t see anyone praying.  I saw a lot of eating tapas and paella.  I saw children being enticed to buy Godzilla and rainbow making toys.   I was wondering why so much fuss about “Our Lady” and no mention that  I could see of Jesus Christ, her son, OUR LORD.
      The Inquisition went further than saying “convert or leave”.  There were many inquisitions and the latter ones took Jewish, Muslim and heretic (that’s us) converts to Catholism and accused them of not being converted enough.  These were professing Christians but that wasn’t enough.  They didn’t look, talk or were Catholic enough for their taste.
       When I was in Karlstad with Michel he was pleased that I was a pastor.  But he said in his view a huge problem in our world today is fragmented Christians who fight, argue and hate one another because they don’t look, talk or are Protestant enough to our taste.   He says for Christ’s Church to move forward we must have essentials but the nonessentials we must overlook.   The pagan world around us looks and laughs at us because we fight one another because of how we celebrate baptism or communion or which reformer our forefathers followed or how we feel God’s house of worship should look or what music we sing to.  There are more important callings our Lord is calling us to.  And this is to be like leaven in bread, to be amongst people and lovingly lead them to Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
       In Sweden the State Church has been captured by ungodly leftists.   The faithful seem to be very few and they don’t know how to reach those whose knee will not willingly bow to the LORD in loving gratitude for life, for blessings and for the promise of eternal life.  In fact the church looks like it is in full retreat.  Michel said that the victory of the ungodly is to call sharing our condition and our Savior with children child abuse.  The King of Sweden, the titular head of the state church is silent and not much of a Christian example at all.  In America it seems our churches have become clubs where you learn how to enjoy Christianized rock, how to better your finances and raise happier children.  The church today seems to cater to people wanting to please themselves instead of bowing in love the one true God of heaven and earth. 
        Here I divert to what I believe Calvin and the reformed faith would have us do.  Education, pursuing real truth from its source, the Word of God that has stood for thousands of years as the pillar of civilization and faith.  It is as old as Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, David, the prophets and the fulfillment of all truth in Christ’s miraculous birth, holy life, atoning death, bodily resurrection, Assention and promise to return at the end.  In the meantime what did Christ tell us to do?  To love Him above everything and our neighbor as ourself, to proclaim the way, truth and life.  To not get sidetracked by riches and things that perish.   Christ calls us to go out and make disciples of all nations, to baptize and to teach all that He commanded.

      There you have the hope of the Church in the world.  Right here is our focus and goal.  Right here is our mission plan and the focus of our worship and stewardship and evangelism.  I can imagine those Dominican friars frying those that didn’t look, talk or fit in to the way they thought Catholics should do.  I can imagine a coming time when maybe we will be challenged to bow to Allah or die.  It happened before it is happening again.  How does Jesus respond?  In Matthew we read Jesus saying “Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.'"    Let’s live as wheat, smell like wheat, look like wheat and love the weeds until they become wheat.   Then let the Lord do His “inquisition”.  Christ is the only one who knows how to do it right

PS - I am writing this from the balcony in full Spanish sunlight which is very bright and hot.  Please excuse any mispellings occured,  I can't see to correct.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Some results from the Reformation

How the Reformation brought the world prosperity and poverty?
           In my travels through Sweden one thing that stands out very clearly is that Sweden is a very rich country.  You don’t see old cars.   All the appliances are new.  They eat very well.  Prices are very high but people don’t seem to have trouble paying.  Yesterday evening I was walking my friend’s dog through the King’s garden and there is a restaurant called Osaxan.  It is a simple restaurant by the archipelago.  I heard English, an American coming out complaining “I paid $200 for that little meal and not even a bottle of wine?”  Style is well-promoted in ultra modern, all the furniture, the walls, the curtains are white.  The buildings are ancient but they are modernized.   In all the harbors are very luxurious boats and in the countryside are very luxurious summer houses.  What brought this great wealth to Sweden and to Europe and Western Civilization as a whole?   Most attribute it to the reformation.
            At the time of the Reformation much of Europe was owned by the church.  In Sweden I have seen many beautiful and huge churches, Bishop’s palaces and cloisters and lands in Sweden that were once owned by the Roman church.  When the reformation came all of this passed into the hands of the kings and wealth spread downwards.  In addition to the power and riches of the Roman church they funneled money into Rome to build churches there.  The building of St. Peters in Rome was one of the straws that broke the camel’s back.  Martin Luther saw how very poor people were tricked into giving what little money they had to get their loved ones out of purgatory.  Common people were serfs (working on someone else’s land for their benefit) and there was not much prospect of improving their lot.  In fact they were tied to the ground and stuck where they were.  They were considered not of equal worth with the higher stratus.  Sweden was a poor country and only the upper classes could get an education and get ahead.  There was a saying “You don’t marry below your class”. 
            The reformation changed this as people began to look to the Bible for who they were and how to live.  The bible teaches that ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.  In a positive way this means that all people are created equal.  There is not blue blood and trash blood, only God given blood.  Not only this; the bible says that in Christ we all have access to God directly. We don’t need special human mediators to save us.  The bible also says that when we die then comes the judgment.  But God judges us on our relationship to Him and our neighbor, not on keeping manmade laws.  We are judged as to whether we stand on our own or are saved by the blood of Christ.  The bible tells us that there is only one mediator between God and man and that is not a priest, but Christ Jesus alone.  It is very true that the Bible is a dangerous book; it threatens the world, the flesh and the devil.
            The reformation changed the social world, the political world and the religious world.  One of the results was nationalism.  Instead of one Holy Roman Empire people identified themselves as Swedish, English and German.  Instead of being under the pope they were under their king.  Not only did the Reformation change the world to Protestant, it also changed the Roman church as Catholics saw the prosperity of the Protestants and began demanding change of their own.  The reformation shaped Western culture.
            I read one article from the Catholic side that said the Protestant Reformation brought two evils into the world - “Capitalism” and the other “Socialism”.  A connection was formed between economics and religion.   This is clearly seen in what became known as “The Protestant Work Ethic.”  Before, you worked to make your master rich because it was your lot in life.  And human beings became resentful-- many worked as little as they could.  Among Calvinists, people began seeing themselves as equal to anyone, even to the king and worked to get ahead.  It was this that produced the middle class.  Not only did you work well, you worked for God and did the best you could trying to improve yourself .  When something got in your way you immigrated.  Millions of people left Europe to find a better life in America.  America was a vacuum cleaner for people seeking to worship God freely and equally, improving your lot in life and being as good as anyone else.  This was economic as well as religious and social.  There was a demand for a just wage, a just working situation and a fair chance to get ahead.  Unfortunately this led to a separation between the temporal and the eternal and many took the Christian principles of the reformation and not only dethroned the pope but dethroned God and made themselves god.  Man became his own self-centered master.  Instead of us living for God, God was to live for us.  Prosperity was seen as a reward and poverty was seen as a punishment and a disgrace.  The accumulation of wealth became an end in itself and to hell with those who couldn’t keep up.  Instead of looking at life from a view of serving God it became a view of serving yourself, making yourself rich and happy and exploiting the world for personal gain.  The supernatural became a threat to focusing on exploiting the natural.
As the fruits of the reformation - independence, freedom and prosperity flowed on some well doers sought ways to make secular churches where people of different religions or no religion could come together and prosper more.  One professor I read said that in place of churches clubs, fellowships, conferences, lodges and other organizations took the place of church.  At the head of these groups was not the God of the Bible but the god of money and public respectability.  Their temple or house of worship was not the church but their place of business.  They take pride on being richer, smarter, and more popular than others.
Socialism was a reaction to this.  It also focuses on the equality of all people but it sees an equality based on the low rather than the high.  If someone has more than you take it, tax it and bring them down to your level.  Sweden had a socialist revolution in the 1930s and still to this day there is an attempt to bring people down.  There is even a Swedish word for it “lagom” which means something like “ordinary” or “adequate” but it is used as a positive, not negative word.   Fortunately it doesn’t fit with the Swedish spirit.  Everything to them must be made well, of high quality.  The Swedes reach for it but are open to stop, look around and change.  Thus Socialists and Capitalists try to get along and reach for both goals of “lagom” and prosperity.  I listened to a debate on TV yesterday.  The Swedes are having a general election next month.  Right now the conservatives control the government but the Socialists and Communists (they now call themselves the “Left Party”) are fighting it out.  From left to right they are trying to come up with “lagom” and “prosperity”. 

Where is God in all this?  Unfortunately nowhere.  Sweden and the world today is living on the benefits of the reformation but without God.  That is like having a beautiful mansion and moving it off its foundation.    There seems to be very little struggle and fighting to restore the rights of Christ as King over society, as least not openly.  The concept of “Multiculturalism” will not permit it even to be spoken of in Sweden or in America.  But as times change it is worth looking into.  For without the God of Reformation prosperity cannot be maintained in the long run.  Christians should be struggling and fighting to restore the rights of Our Lord as King over society.  After all don’t we sing “This is my Father’s World!”  Do we really mean it?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A meeting with the Director of Child Evangelism of Sweden

      God works in strange and wonderful ways.  I had been in contact with Child Evangelism Sweden because I had thought it would be nice to consider being a missionary here when I retire.  The director emailed me and invited me to visit him but he lived way over on the other side of Sweden close to the Norwegian border.  I thought I would not be able to see him.  But the friend I am staying with in Saltsjubaden told me he was going to Karlstad to look to buy an apartment for his son who is going to study there.  More than a coincidence?   Today I was in a car over 6 hours traveling through the most beautiful countryside.  Lots of pine trees and then farmsteads with fields of golden grain and bjorkar, those trees with the white bark, past many lakes.  We arrived in Karlsted and the director Of CEF met me and we drove another 15 minutes to go to his house.  He drove a little bus and I asked if it was CEF’s bus.  He said “No, I just have a lot of children.”  He has 7 children from 7 down.  We arrived at his house and I met all seven blond haired kids and what impressed me was their loving politeness in introducing themselves to me (not the babies but you know).  We sat down to dinner and the kids sang “Thank you Lord “ dinner song. 
     We spoke about Christianity in Sweden.  Here is what he said.  He grew up in a Communist/Socialist home, both his parents were against religion.  In college he was a communist but he realized how dead and empty communism is.  He remembered as a little child in public school how the teacher taught them a song about how Jesus loves us and he asked Jesus into his heart.  He then dedicated himself to reaching the children of Sweden.  His wife grew up in a Christian house.  He said that he loves the state Lutheran church but it is the worst enemy of Christianity.  He said to be a minister in the state church you don’t have to believe in Christ or the Bible, they don’t even ask if you do.  But you must believe in Feminism and Abortion and Homosexuality and profess it publically to be ordained and you will be persecuted and rejected as a bad person if you don’t.  He said his Lutheran Church pulled out of the state church and believes all the things in the Lutheran Concord of the State Church that they don’t believe anymore.  He didn’t want to say they were “evangelical” because he says liberals here have captured that word and changed its meaning.

       He and his wife are artists who produce children’s programs, cartoons and video programs.  They have one small Christian TV channel in all of Sweden.  He has his own studio in their house and with computer animation and with music from his keyboard they produce Christian programming.  He says that there is no possibility of going into the public school or even the Swedish Christian schools where the bible isn't believed.  The authorities, including the Church of Sweden are against teaching the evangelical faith.  He says the state church thinks it is child abuse to say they are sinners in need of a Savior.  He says the key they want to teach children in school today is multiculturalism (except true Christian culture).  He says that he sees the only way to reach children for Christ in Sweden today is through the Internet because Swedish children spend hours and hours online.  He said Sweden has the strongest internet signals in all Europe.  Christians must produce quality internet games and programs designed for children because is the best way to reach them.  Sweden is so big and people are so spread out it is hard to get them together for Bible clubs.
    He said that children in Sweden are in crisis today because they are empty inside and looking for truth.  We have the knowledge of Christ and His Word that they need.  He also said that foreigners can do things in Sweden which Swedish Christians can't accomplish and encourages Americans to work and help CEF here.  He showed me some of the cartoons and animated programs he has produced are top notch.  I encouraged him to contact Moody Bible Institute in Chicago which is working on multimedia in Christian ministry and I have a Christian friend at Pixar who can also help him.
      After delicious Swedish coffee (He says Loftberg Coffee, produced in Karlstad, is the best and there is a rivalry between it and Gevalia).  After the interview we drove back to Stockholm.   I found out that now I am going to Spain for a week.   Uggggg - first I struggle to communicate in Swedish and now I must try to get by in Spanish.  Maybe I can contact some Spanish missionaries there.  If you know any let me know.  I will be in Alecante which is by Barcelona.